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Paolo Fornasier

  • I spent my very first years of life playing rhythms on pots, doing backing vocal while my mum was singing, playing on the piano my favorite songs again and again, looking for the right notes. Then, when I was 7 they sent me to music school.

    In 2013 I got the diploma in Piano, in 2016 the one in Composition and in 2018 a degree in Music for images. Luis Bacalov was my teacher, I worked with Howard Shore, I played and composed music in Paris. Would you like to know me better? Listen to my music!

    In 2019 I created my project Pauliverse, with which I produce electronic music combined with many other influences.

    Paolo Fornasier
  • Pauliverse [au = o] is my deepest electronic, hybrid and modern universe. It reflects what I am in terms of music. It is the combination and the meeting point of different worlds; sometimes they just touch each other, and sometimes they come together as one. Pauliverse is the space where I can listen to myself.

    Electronic, orchestras, experimentation, pianos, songs, open space, mountains, woods, oceans, night dreams, warm light, deep darkness, suffering, amusement: this is Pauliverse.